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March 1, 2001

Old-fashioned jaahels

I read the article written by our so-called compatriot, Mr.Siamak Baniameri on"Art of Kissing". I was tremendously shocked because all I found in his article was an exaggeration about himself and other things that are closely related to him, like his father, and on the other hand, beating what can be considered as Iranian traditions.

Personally, and like many other Iranians, I don't like kissing men on their checks, but I have found it a part of our culture and our greetings that should be accepted. What you have published at your website is just obsessions and preoccupations of a narcissistic man that cannot be considered very important.

I know that many foreigners who are interested in different things related to Iranians, spouses of Iranians and tourists who like to travel to Iran check your website in order to become more familiar with our rich culture, but you have introduced Iranian men as old-fashioned JAAHELS.

What you have published is a word salad and I really cannot find a reason for writing and publishing this article. I highly recommend the writer to visit a psychiatrist and consult him about his sexual obsessions.



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