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March 1, 2001

Sorry for Reza Pahlavi

To those who have misread the essence of my article ["Thy father's sins"]: I am truly sorry for Reza Pahlavi to have followers who are illiterate, live in the past, have not studied a single word of Iranian and world history and -- yes -- they still wish to annihilate individuals for their beliefs.

In a democratic Iran and hopefully where there is civility, those who have committed any crimes against the people will be tried and sentenced accordingly. But I believe the majority of Iranians will be against the death penatly because we all have seen enough violence and murder in the last decades in our country.

Anyone who still believes that killing others, revenge and hatred will solve problems and issues in our society, will have no place in a civilized society.

I do suggest to all of you to stay where you are because the Iranian people do not want the likes of you to be part of their lives. And I hope Reza Pahlavi will bring some sense to his followers although it might be too late.

F. Amini


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