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March 2, 2001

We all lost

I was about 10-years old when the revolution happened. Even at that age I was in middle of everything ["Surprise"]. I almost died twice in 24 Esfand Square and Maydan Shahyad area. I remember that no one back then knew the reasoning behind it all, but the revolution became an entertainment center for the people, especially young people. A good source of excitement like no other they knew.

My friends & I simply (as I am sure many junior & high school kids) were trying to avoid going to classes, so we would break the school's glasses & refused going to classes.

I remember people were happy about the 22nd of Bahman & all the executions that followed -- just like winning a football match against your rival that has beaten you for many years & you couldn't simply match their power .

Many people might get upset that I compared the revolution to a football match, but come on: I was in the middle of it & no one can tell me that it is not true. How many average people even knew how to spell the name Khomaini or where he came from?

I hope after all these years we all have figured out that our government had to be changed because of economic reasons and the Middle East crisis and no one could have stopped it. That is why the war with Iraq immediately followed to weaken us even more. The orders were in for high above and no one including the Shah or Khomaini could have done anything to stop it.

Now here is the reason I wrote this letter: I don't know if many of you feel the way I do, but I am saddened by the story that I just read about a woman who lost her husband ["The general's widow"] and everything she owned as I am heartbroken for all those young ones that we lost during the revolution and the war.

I am saddened for losing the Rahimis as well as the ones who were killed by the government like the Farrokhzads, and our war heroes, and the 17-year-old Mojahedin Khalghs & Cheerekhaa, Basijis and many many more. All these people died for what they believed in & none of them really won. We all lost because THEY WERE ALL IRANIANS.

Eliot Salehi


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