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Shar-e hert (4)
Trip to Iran
July 12, 2004

Shar-e hert (3)
Trip to Iran
April 21, 2004

Shar-e hert (2)
Trip to Iran
February 19, 2004

Shar-e hert (1)
Trip to Iran
February 19, 2004

A few years away
Are we closer than ever in developing The Bomb?
March 14. 2003

My big fat Persian culture
What's wrong with it?
October 2, 2002

Doctors without orders
More medical students, poorer results
June 27, 2002

Hopeless & humiliated
Suicide bombings may not be very difficult to comprehend
April 16, 2002

Stroke of bad luck?
Popular goaltender's stroke raises questions about brain injury
March 7, 2002

Rolls Royce vs. Gaari
Flying unreliable Russian aircraft
February 2002

Any of us
Cancer: we are all vulnerable
February 2002

Avoiding responsibility
August 2001

What makes us
What is "ghessmat"?
August 2001

The C word
Why are Iranians obsessed with cholesterol
July 2001


Mahyar Etminan left Iran in 1984 at the age of 11. After settling in Spain and US, he and his family settled in Canada. He has one sister, Mahi Etminan, a nurse in Houston, Texas. Mahyar is currently a Universiyt of Toronto researcher. He conducts research on benefit or harm of drugs on a large population of elderly patients using administrative databases. In his spare time he likes to write, cook and make his friends laugh. To top

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