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Troubled waters
Tripple track diplomacy in the Persian Gulf

April 12, 2000
The Iranian

* References
* Expert Advisers
* Main essay


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Expert advisers

Professor Leanne Piggott, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Sydney University
- Professor Amin Saikal, Director, Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, ANU

Professor. Bjoern Moeller, Copenhagen Peace Research Institute, Copenhagen

Dr. Seyyed Abbas Araghchi, Director, Institute of Political and International Studies
- Mr. Ali Asghar Mehrabi, Research Associate, IPIS
- Dr. Jalil Roshandel, Institute for Political and International Studies, Tehran
- Professor Behzad Shahandeh, Tehran University

New Zealand Dr. Kevin Clements, Director, Alert, London
- Switzerland M. Jean F. Freymond, Director, Center for Applied International Negotiations

Oguz Celikkol, director general of ministry of foreign affairs, Turkey

United States
- Mr. Jack Maresca, Vice-President, Unocal, Geneva
- Ambassador Roscoe S. Suddarth, President, The Middle East Institute, Washington, DC
- Professor Stephen Zunes, University of San Francisco

Toda Institute Staff
Professor Majid Tehranian, Director, Toda Institute; University of Hawaii at Manoa
- Mr. Tomosaburo Hirano, Deputy Director, Toda Institute, Honolulu Center
- Dr. Satoko Takahashi, Program Manager, Toda Institute, Honolulu Center

* Main essay

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