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Very Young

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by Behrouz Bahmani
San Ramon, California

I first met Ardeshir in the spring of 1992 in Stanford, Calif., a place more known for producing high-quality medical, engineering and business graduates than an artist who would produce such refreshing art.

Ardeshir is an immediately likable young, handsome, shy fellow, not very tall, with average to lean weight. He has brown hair, milk-chocolate eyes and long, trademark-Iranian eyelashes. You are immediately taken by his smile as he begins to describe his growing collection of work.

I myself am not an art expert by any means but through my association with Ardeshir, I have grown to have great appreciation for what can be defined as Abstract Impressionism.

Abstract Impressionism can best be described as that style of painting which, while being very wild and seemingly unorganized and random, at the same time evokes emotion, sound and in most cases an easily recognizable image.

You immediately know it when you see it, because you find yourself saying things like, "That looks like a sad lady standing in a row of rolling hillsides."

Ardeshir currently spends part of each day experimenting with different colors and media and so far has been able to produce some exciting pieces, some of which are part of a defined series, some of which are solitary works.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this sampling of his most recent works included here for you to view. I am very pleased to introduce you to this hopefully rising new Iranian artist, and if you can tell that I am proud to know him, well you shouldn't be too surprised because after all, I have been his father for the past four years.

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