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"Ketab Aval" (First Book) has more than 45,000 listings from 1,800 types of business -- an indispensable source not only for Tehran's 12 million population but businesses anywhere who need to communicate with Iran's economic center.

Published by the Tehran Municipality, the 1,000-page "Ketab Aval" is due to be distributed in May 1996.

Abadan Publishing Company, is offering this directory for $24, including tax, shipping and handling.

30% Off!

Order your copy in advance by April 10, 1996, and receive "Ketab Aval" for only $16, a 30 percent saving.

To order, send mailing address along with check or money order to:

Abadan Publishing Company
360 Atlantic Avenue
Suite 170
Brooklyn 11217

Send us email if you have any questions.

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