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Easy does it
Iran's nuclear program, policy and the predicament
September 27, 3003

Wait another six months
Giving Khatami and reformists more time
August 24, 3003

Pitfalls of foreign intervention
Iran's democratic movement could be significantly harmed by hawkish US policies
June 18, 2003

Fair play
Improving Iran's share of the U.S. pistachio market
March 1, 2002

More business, more democracy
U.S. sanctions on Iran and democratization of the Middle East
October 31, 2001

Nutty tariffs
U.S. sanctions and Iranian pistachios
August 2000

Uneven crops
Agricultural production & the government
October 2000

Paying our dues
Academics need to do more to respond to Iran's democratic movement
May 2000


Mehrdad Valibeigi is a professorial lecturer of economics at the American University in Washington, DC. To top

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