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Ocean of emotion
Googoosh songs and splendid voice manage to invade my very heart and mind

Iyad Reem
March 8, 2005 unedited

Dear Lady, Dearest Diva, Most Splendid Voice, Prettiest Face, Dearest GOOGOOSH,

I'm not crazy enough to believe that amongst all that flood of get-well-soon messages from the millions of your fans around the world, these modest lines of mine will have the chance and the privilege of being read by your own beautiful eyes. Yet, I'll proceed with them as if you are reading them. As I'm writing them, your splendid voice is resounding in my house, singing one of my favorite songs of yours, "Ayeryligh", and God knows all of your songs are my favorites.

Dearest Diva,

Please grant me the honor of presenting myself to you. My name is Iyad, a Jordanian man 45 years old, who discovered you Diva at a very young age, almost 17, and has ever since been fascinated by both your beauty and the splendor of your voice. That was in the late seventies, while you were on a visit to Jordan. I still remember you were the guest of honor on a Jordanian TV show, you performed some of your songs. you even sang a song of our Fairouz, "Zoroni koli sana mara haram tensuni belmara" which won the admiration of the Jordanian public. Ever since your beautiful image and your sublime voice became printed in my mind. I tried hard to find any album of yours to no avail.

Few years later, and to be precise, in late 1979, I left to France to continue my higher education. There I had the chance of getting to know an Iranian girl, we studied French together. I remember among the very first things I asked her about was, GOOGOOOSH. The next day she was kind enough to offer me a cassette of yours. On it there were some of your very nice and highly romantic songs like "Daryeyee", "Manam", "Ayeryligh" and others. (Few lines below you'll learn, Dearest Diva, how I managed at last to write the titles of your songs correctly).

I kept playing the cassette over and over again in my flat and very loud, I admit, until a French lady, a neighbor of mine, asked me one day ( and I still remember her very words), "who is that lady with a nice voice you keep listening to?" I gave her the cassette to listen to, but couldn't separate myself from it for more than 2 days. Needless to say you won her admiration too.

Long years, almost 14, passed by like a thief, I returned to Jordan, the cassette got tired from my playing it repetitively ,but not my ears,and how can they ever get tired of listening to the angelic voice of the Diva???!!! Both during my happy moments and whenever I feel down I find refuge in your songs. Your voice and your songs have become inseparably associated with past happy moments of my life. Whenever I listen to them they simply bring back to me very happy souvenirs I dearly cherish until this day.

Although I don’t understand a single word of Farsi, still your songs and splendid voice manage to invade the very heart and mind of me, and make me react, oftentimes with tears in my eyes. That is why I prefer to listen to your songs when I'm alone. I don’t even need to know the meaning of your songs' lyrics to appreciate the ocean of emotions you convey in them through your angelic voice which transcends all language barriers. I would write whole pages about this, but I'll spare you that trouble. For I know that I've largely exceeded the reasonable amount of your time allowed to none but one amongst millions of your fans.

So, to cut a long story short I'd say that by inadvertence, some parts of the your songs on that cassette -- which I still treasure after 25 long years- got erased, and you cannot imagine how frustrated I became when I got used to being cut off while enjoying your songs. This frustration went on for almost 9 years, I could find yr songs nowhere.

Until by pure chance I discovered the existence of fan groups of the Diva on the internet. I bothered many of their members (whom I should call "My sisters and brothers in admiring and loving the Diva") by asking them to help me finding the specific songs I had on my cassette. I found no means to help them in that errand except by writing some couplets of each song as I hear them. They did a very nice job. They even gave me the exact titles of those songs, that's why I managed to mention them correctly above. So far I managed to get back 3 of those nice songs and I still hope to get the others soon.

Dearest Diva

I end this long letter by calling upon the Almighty who endowed you with that lovely face and that exceptional angelic voice, to grant you his healing. And may you stay healthy and wealthy for decades and decades to come, and be able one day to receive from your fans a happy 100th birthday cards instead of get-well-messages. May the love of your fans all over the world unite to form a healing force for you.

Get well very soon Dearest Diva, for we all need you to keep on singing love and romance, spreading joy and hope wherever your voice is heard, in an era where nothing but the sound of hatred and fanaticism is resounding. Best wishes of health and happiness.

Your admirer for ever


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