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Pouyan Abdoli

April 29, 2006


* Haft Nava
* Soloye Ajaba

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June 14, 2005

* Man agar bakhizam
(Based on Hamid Mossadegh's poem)

Poyan Abdoli is educated as a classical tar player, but can also play the drum tombak, and the water flute ney. Brought up in a family of Iranian singers, Abdoli has studied with Iranian masters since he was eight and decided at an early age to become a musician himself.

Abdoli has developed his music in many directions, among them towards improvisations open to other influences than those set by the origin of his training and instruments. Based in Norway for the last six years, he has performed widely here, but also in Sweden, England .

Today, Abdoli is the leader of a band called "Psychosofi". In addition, in 2003, he released a CD with the Indian-born tabla player Jai Shankar, thus facilitating an exiled encounter of traditional Iranian and traditional Indian music >>> Visit

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