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Updated July 9, 2007

Video "Demokrasi"

Perhaps "world pop" best describes Abjeez music. The Abjeez unique sound is influenced by wide mixture of world compositions mastered to its' own description of original melody and songs. Abjeez music is suited for everyone regardless of age, sex or cultural backgrounds. The lashing passion behind Abjeez force is to award love, carry hope and perhaps become a diverse musical alternative for future generations in Iran. The name Abjeez comes from the word Abjee, which is slang for “sister” in Iranian language Farsi. The Abjeez are sisters Safoura and Melody Safavi, backed by a colorful group of musicians from Sweden. The Abjeez sisters, Safoura and Melody were born in Iran amongst a family of diverse musicians. Both sisters moved to Sweden along with their family in 1987. Looking up to their father’s passion for music combined with older brother Sufi’s love for guitar encouraged the sisters to start writing, and composing original music >>> Bamahang

Samples from "HAMEH" CD
* Video "Eddeaa"
* Audio "Mitoonestam"
* Audio "Barap Barap"
* Audio "Demokrasi"
* Audio "Khastegari"
* Audio "Cheraa"

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