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Lily Afshar

Updated August 8, 2006


(Archer Records) -- "Hemispheres" is Lily Afshar's fourth and most ambitious recording to date. In her search for new music, Lily discovered a wonderful array of composers, some of whom have written compositions especially for her. The result is "Hemispheres", an intriguing collection of pieces performed by Afshar and written or arranged by international composers including Reza Vali, Ricardo Moyano, Gerard Drozd, Carlo Domeniconi, John Schneider, Leo Brouwer, Garry Eister and Morteza Neydavood. Lily Afshar's "Hemispheres" presents a truly original sound (including the incorporation of quarter tones) that promises to be a significant addition to the contemporary classical guitar repertory >>> Archer Records

MP3 tracks from Lily Afshar's
new CD, "Hemispheres"

* Misionera
* Fantasia (on a traditional Persian song)
* Kara Toprak

>>> Listen to Afshar's interview with
National Public Radio's Robert Siegal in the U.S.
that aired 7/25/06

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August 31, 2001

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Archer Records is pleased to announce the release of "Possession", Lily Afshar's third album. But this time around, Afshar is making a bid to capture "the here and now" of classical guitar, in her own words. Rather than revisiting the past, heralded contemporary composers such as Salvador Brotons and Dusan Bogdanovic have created works just for Afshar's
skilled hands to play. -- Press release


Guitarist Lily Afshar, hailed by the Washington Post as "remarkable, impeccable," is head of the guitar program at the University of Memphis. Chosen as Artistic Ambassador to Africa for the United States Information Agency, her numerous awards include three consecutive annual "Premier Guitarist" awards from the Memphis Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

Her latest CD, "Jug of Wine and Thou", is absolutely delightful. The effects of her delicate strokes of the guitar can only be described as heavenly. Among the19 tracks are five popular Persian ballads which indeed create the perfect mood for a jug of wine and thou.

From "Possession" CD in mp3 format:

* Passacaglia
* Scherzo
* November
* Afro-Cuban

From "Jug of Wine and Thou" CD, RealAudio:

* Jaan-e Maryam
* Leila Leila
* Gol-e gandom
* Aire de Joropo
* Asturias / Leyenda

From "24 Caprichos de Goya " CD, RealAudio:

Hilan delgado

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