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Shadmehr Aghili

Updated March 23, 2004


If he sings like a Pop star, looks like a Pop star and has millions of teenage fans like a Pop star, he IS a Pop star. Even in the Islamic Republic. How is that possible? God knows.

Shadmehr Aghili is perhaps more than a Pop star -- he's a super star in a country where Pop was banned for nearly two decades. His music is not that original -- it's kind of a light mixture of Daryoush, Moin and maybe even a little bit of Googoosh. If his style could be described in a word, it would probably be "sweet". Here's music from his latest CD, "Adam Foroush":

* Omran
* Adam Foroush
* Kal Kal
* Del-e divooneh
* Vaghti gofti naro
* Ashk-e man
* Tahdid

Compiled by Javaneh Khodabakhsh


Review & music from "Khiali neest" CD

WHO is Shadmehr Aghili?!!
He's good. No, I mean really good
By Behrouz Bahmani
With 14 new songs


From "Mosafer" CD

* Bitaabi
* Ruh-e sabz
* Hadis-e mehrabaani
* Hezaar-o yek shab
* Mosaafer


From the "Dehati" casette album

* Del khoshi
* Negaah-e panjereh
* Paaeez
* Navaaee

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