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February 9, 2006


* Molla Mostafa
* Hargez Hargez
Thanks to Milad Sfandiary

From "Ghaasedak" CD

1. Ham Avaz
2. Khalvat
3. Hargez
4. Che Begam?
5. Raaheh Khataa
6. Hezaar Moshkel
7. Ghaasedak
8. Bemoon taa Bemoonam
9. Ghoroor
10. Koo Azoo Vafaa Neshooneh
11. Naaz e Dahanat
12. Zang e Dar
Thanks to Azam Nemati

From "Aroos-e Shahr-e maa" CD
Produced by: Gol Avaz California

Azam Nemati writes: All songs featured on "Aroos-e Shahr-e maa" were composed for B movies known as Filmfarsi that had no artistic value yet provided escape for millions of movie goers. They had simple stories modeled after ordinary people's lives. Usually a female character at a cabaret would sing these songs and provide entertainment for the male lead and his friends.

I personally like these songs because they all have what is commonly known as "pure neenaashnaash" which is a form of music for very skilled dancers.

1. Shohar Shohar
2. Aroos-e Shahr-e maa
3. Bandari
4. Kahkeshaan
5. Aroos-e Kaaroon
6. Charkh-e Falak
7. Yek Deleh
8. Kenaare Toe Bemoonam
9. Khooneh Kakoli
10. Ahde Taazeh
11. Sekoote Deedaar
12. Toloa
13. Pisham Bia
14. (No title)

From the "Khaaterehaa" (Oosta Karim) CD

1. Khaaterkhaah
2. Leila
3. Meekham beraghsam
4. Kee gofteh?
5. Oostaa Kareem
6. Cheshm cheroon
7. Kaakoo
8. Ramz o raaz

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