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Hengameh Akhavan

Azam Nemati
October 3, 2006

Hengameh Akhavan rose to fame among the true Persian music fans in the late 1970s with her distinctively unique voice. She was very private and other than a few performances on TV, she was not in the public eye. This very interesting album captures her memorable songs. The real treat for music fans is to hear the famous "Morghe Sahar" (Dawn Bird) in the original recordings by some of the legendary singers from Nader Golchin (one of my favorite singers who never went commercial) to the much beloved Ghamar. The album is produced by Harp Production in Canada (no phone or website is listed). Enjoy >>> More about Akhavan

* Morghe Sahar (Hengameh Akhavan)
* Morghe Sahar (Ghamar ol Molouk Vaziri)
* Morghe Sahar (Nader Golchin)
* Morghe Sahar (Loreta)
* Farvardin (Hengameh Akhavan)
* Asheghi (Hengameh Akhavan)
* Moseme Gol (Hengameh Akhavan)
* Ghazal (Hengameh Akhavan)
* Chaharmezrab (Hengameh Akhavan)

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