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Ali Sadeghi

Compiled by Azam Nemati
August 17, 2004

A few years ago I purchased a tape which had one song by Ali Sadeghi. I fell in love with his voice and it was quite a challenge finding an album which featured his songs (that was before the Internet). His beautiful and very distinct voice is a delight to listen to. He has done a song in one of my favorite "Koocheh Baaghi" style which is unfortunately diminishing. Thanks to Dr. Meshginpoosh for converting the tape for your listening pleasure.

Album: "Man Aamadam"
* Man Aamadam
* Roozi Akhar Barmigardam
* Ghazal- Koocheh Baghi
* Eye Adamhaa
* Eshghe Sarkesh
* Melodi

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