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Updated September 13, 2005


* Dast Beh Dast (duet with Narmella, late 1960s?)


I rememebr when I was 14, quite a few of my friends cried their eyes dry with "Daryaacheye Noor" when their hearts were broken. We all know the words to "Soltaan-e Qalbhaa" as well. The songs on this album are reminder of the innocent and idealistic thoughts and lives we led. -- Azam Nemati

Greatest Hits album

* Peeri
* Haalaa Kheyli Deereh
* Eshgh
* Donyaa Do Roozeh
* Koochooloo
* Daryaacheye Noor
* Entezaar
* Soltaan-e Qalbhaa
* Eshgh Nemimirad
* Ey Khodaa


* With Haydeh: Negaah kon
* With Pooran: Khaare raah
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