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Barg-e Sabz
Classical/traditional Persian music from Radio Iran, 1970s

Updated August 12, 2006


#200, Molouk Zarabi, Iraj, Golpa, Shahidi, Zande Vakil, Elahe, Ghavami
Thanks to Milad Esfandiary

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Compiled by Azam Nemati
Updated March 12, 2003

Album: Barg-e Sabz

#308: Segaah
Collaborators: Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Ahmad Ebadi, Assadollah Malek, Jahangir Malek
Poems: Sadi, Jami, Kamal Ismail

#309: Dashti
Collaborators: Masoudi, Fereydoun Hafezi, Mohammad Mousavi, Jahangir Malek
Poems: Sadi, Ali Ashtari

#306: Bayat Tork
Collaborators: Jamal Vafaie, Mohammd Mousavi, Jahangir Malek
Poems: Rafigh Esfahani, Kamal Ismail

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