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The Boyz

Compiled by Azam Nemati
Updated June 5, 2003
The Iranian

I first heard this group in 1997 and liked the fact that they had taken old songs and re-recorded them with a more modern sound. I recently saw them in concert and was really impressed with their ability to dance. They danced with hats old Persian movie stars used to wear and with a great "neenaash naash"! Even my 17-year-old son was impressed!

Album: Filmhaye Farsi

1. Filmhaye Farsi
2. Ganj e Ghaaroon
3. Zanam Meeshi
4. Aroos Ghashangeh
5. Eyd Omadeh
6. Dokhtaraaye Los Angeles
7. Medly Zaboon Farsi
8. Sorood e Ey Iran
9. Lezgi

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