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Compiled by Azam Nemati
September 5, 2003
The Iranian

"Classical Music of Iran: The Dastgah Systems" (produced by Smithsonian Folkways in 1991) has stunning performances by some of Iran's finest musicians. Recorded before 1979 Iranian Revolution that drove many performers into exile, this represents some of the best Iranian classical music. It includes recordings of ten of the twelve dastgah, or tone sets performed on tar, santour, drum, flute, violin and voice. Compiled by Ella Zonis Mahler with Technical assistance of Ruhollah Khaleghi.

Dastgah of Mahour
Ahmad Ebadi: Setar

Avaz Bayat Isfahan (2nd Homayoun)
Mohammd Heidari : Santour

Avaz Afshari (2nd Shour)
Asghar Bahari: Kamanche

Dastgah of Shur
Khatereh Parvaneh: Voice

Dastgah of Chahargah
Houshang Zarif: Tar

Dastgah of Homayoun
Hassan Kassai: Ney

Dastgah of Segah
Ali Tajvidi: Violin, Nasser Eftetah: Tombak, Hossein Fakhtei: Vocal

Avaz of Bayat Tork (2nd Shour)
Houshang Zarif: Tar

Avaz of Abu Ata (2nd Shour)
Houshang Zarif: Tar, Khatereh Parvaneh: Vocal

Avaz of Dashti (2nd Shour)

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