Abdu Dagir

Compiled by Azam Nemati
October 25, 2002
The Iranian

Violinist Abdu Dagir, known as Malik at-Taqasim (King of Improvisation), is considered one of Egypt's best. Growing up, his father punished him for his love of music. His father, a violinist himself, wanted Abdu to become a lawyer. Abdu left home and ended up sleeping in mosques and streets. At age 14 he became a professional musician and played at village festivals. At age 20 he moved to Cairo.


Abdu Dagir: Violin
Mustafa Abdel-Nay: Violin
Rezq Soliman: Nay
Roman Bunka: Ud
Issam El-Mallah: Bandir
Taha Sayyad Taha: Cello

1 Longa Nahawand
2 Layali Zaman
3 Somai Kurd
4 Longa Agam
5 Quartertone Bycicle
6 Nidaa
7 Nil

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