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Dutch Darius: Mc BNW

Updated January 7, 2006

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Dariush/Darius is a young rapper in Holland. Contact him here.

Darius Aivani was born on the 9th of February 1994. At age of 11 he started rapping. He chose the rapname "Mc BNW". BNW stands for "Brother Nine World" ("I am your brother, your friend, Number 9. I will always be there..."). His father comes from Iran, and his mother is Dutch. He lives in Groningen, Holland.

The way he makes his songs is very simple. He writes a song and later on takes it a bit further until he is happy with it, then he mixes in the beat and raps the text. All the things that are needed.

For "Wat Zou Je Doen?" ("What Would You Do?"), Mc BNW went to the studio SoundBase with his class. They recorded the song for a competition. The song is originally from the Dutch singer Marco Borsato and the rapper Ali B., Mc BNW's brother Willem (rapname: "Mc Riva") is also into rap. His album "The Master Of Rap" is coming up, and the first time he got on a (recorded) rap song was on Mc BNW's "Back For More". This song will also be featured on Mc Riva's album. But it's officially a song of Mc BNW. More of Mc BNW is coming up. And of Mc Riva... >>> Visit


* English: Rich
* English: Back For More (With Mc Riva)
* Dutch: Wat Zou Je Doen (What Would You Do)
* English: Brother Nine World

Sent by Ali Aivani

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