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Deep Dish

Updated January 9, 2005


"Flashdance" video
with Anousheh Khalili on vocals


July 14, 2000

Washington, D.C.-based musicians Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia and Sharam are Deep Dish -- couple of the hottest DJs and producers of house music on the plant! They are wildly popular especially in Europe and Japan. Their new Yoshiesque double CD is simply magnificent -- nonstop (literally, there are no breaks between tracks) mind-bending dance music perfect for twenty and thirtysomething parties. For more information about them go to DeepDish.Com or YoshiToshi.Com.

From the new Yoshiesque CD

* Darkness
* Music with a feel
Under the water
Do you want to make me try
True (The faggot is you)
* Fluke
The right way
Deep lounge 2

From the Junk Science CD

* The future of the future (stay gold) - With Everything but the girl
Wear the hat
Mohammad is Jesus

* *

Purchase Deep Dish CDs here

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