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Updated September 23, 2005


* Havas-haaye del


* Ashenaee


* Parvaneh
* Jaanam To Maro
* Khakestare Piri (With Houshmand Aghili)
* An Manam
thanks to Milad Sfandiary


* Beh kenaaram beneshin
(with Manoochehr Sakhaie, 1950s)
* Deljooee
* Rooye to zibaa shodeh
thanks to Milad Sfandiary


Rare hit song from the late 1950s?
"Porsoon Porsoon, Larzoon Larzoon"
thanks to Behrad


"Maktab-e Vafaa" is one of Delkash's rare albums that features
two very beautiful songs. Her amazing and timeless voice is a true delight. -- Azam Nemati

From "Maktab-e Vafaa" album
* Maktab-e Vafaa
Melody: Parviz Yahaghi
Lyrics: Bijan Taraghi

* Gooshehgeer
Melody: Ali Tajvidi
Lyrics: Hafiz


I am delighted that the legendary Delkash has so many fans (I am a big fan).
This album, "Bekenaram Benshin" has many of her most
memorable songs which we all love and remember. -- Azam Nemati

From "Bekenaram Benshin" CD
* Ashofteh Haali
* Baazgashteh
* Cheh Bekhaahi Cheh Nakhaahi
* Mehmaanat Konam
* Saaz-e Shekasteh
* Yaad-e Man Kon

From the "Delkash" CD
* "Jodaee" in two parts: (1) (2)
Dastgah: Dashti
Music: Ali Tajvidi
Poems: Moini Kermanshahi, Rumi

* "Yaar-e man Kon" in two parts: (1) (2)
Dastgah: Mahour
Music: Ali Tajvidi
Poems: Moini Kermanshahi

From the "Taraanehaa va Khaaterehaa #3" CD
* Bandeyeh Eshgh
* Yaadet Miaayad

Atashe Carevan & more >>> Listen here
Dastgah: Shur
Music: Ali Tajvidi
Poems: Moini Kermanshahi

Bar Torbate Hafez & more >>> Listen here
dastgah: Segaah
Music: Ali Tajvidi
Poems: Hafez and Dr. Neyersina

From the "Amadam" CD
* Safar kardeh
* Jahaan-e zibaa
* Raqs-e Koli-haa
* Sokoot-e shab
* Sepaas-e mohabbat

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