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Early classics

Compiled by Azam Nemati
Updated July 15, 2003
The Iranian

A few months ago an reader sent me some tapes which had been produced right before the revolution. The songs were amazing and some had been released before I was even born. I prayed that they become available in CD.

Well, Pars Video has done it; a beautiful 4-CD package has been put together. I highly recommend this treasure of Iranian music -- it will be cherished for generations to come. The name of the collection is 37 songs, 37 singers, 37 years of Radio Iran.

Some of the tracks were introduced a couple of months ago. Here are 10 more.

Part 4

Roya: Dele Beegonaah
Aref: Shahre Sokoot
Mahasti: Ankeh Delam Raa
Jamal Vafaie: Setaareye Bakht
Giti: Ta'beer
Shajarian: Cheshme Narges
Haideh: Azadeh
Golchin: Morghe Sahar

Part 3

Sima Bina: Leila Khaanoom
Ahdiyeh: Noore Khodaa
Mahmoodi Khansari: Morghe Shabaahang
Ramesh: Afsaaneh Magoo
Nasser Massoudi: Lakoodaneh
Googoosh: Vaghti Toh neesti
Korous Sarhangzadeh: Shabgard
Homeira: Sabram Attaa Kon
Abdolvahab Shahidi: Zendegi
Iraj: Naaz Afareen

Part 2

Dariush Rafiee: Mastaaneh
Marzieh: Moj-e Atash
Mohammad Nouri: Dar Khaamooshihaaye Saahel
Farah: Ou Nayaamad
Parvin: Ghoghaaye Setaaregaan
Vigen: Mahtaab
Pouran: Sobh Shod Baaz
Yasamin: Sahraa Neshin
Elaheh: Ka'beye Delhaa
Akbar Golpayegani: Shekasteh

Part 1

Shod Khazaan: Javad Badi-zadeh
Che Khosh Seyde Delam Kardi: Molouk Zarrabi
Ranghaaye Tabiat: Taje Esfahani
Ahd Shekan: Rooh Angiz
Maraa Ashegho Sheidaa Kardi: Gholamhosein Banaan
Gole Paaamchaal: Roohbakhsh
Sargashteh: Hossein Ghavami

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