Fadaiyan Khalq

Compiled by Kamran Seyed Mousavi
February 25, 2003
The Iranian

This is a list of 50-50 mix of some reproduced songs form the Fadaiyan Khalq Organization (Marxist), some written and performed by amateur musicians amongst the Iranian Students' Association (Fadaiyan Khalq Sympathizers: Saazemaan-e Daanesh-Joyaan-e Iraani Dar Emreekaa, havaadaaraan-e Sazemaan-e Fadaayiyaan-e Khalgh-e Iraan).

* "Sham'e Foroozaan"
* "Samad-e Moallem"
* "Sorood-e Bijan" or "Sobh-e Sefid"
* "Sorood-e Noruzi"
* "Laleh-haaye Sahraa"
* "Shahaab-e Roshanaayee"
* "Peeshmarg"
* "Samad"
* "Turkman Khalgin Shahid-lari"
* "Azarbaijan el-Lari"
* "Hamaareh Yaad"


* Iran-e man
* Che Guevara
* Sorood-e setaaregaan
* Sobh-e sefid (Sorood-e Bijan Jazani) (Unplugged!)
* Savaarkaaraan

Special thanks to Mehran, Maziar Behrooz

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