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Updated June 1, 2005

A DVD has just come out that includes an interview that he gave in Germany, speaking about his life and music, recordings of his concerts in Europre, and scenes from his life in farnce in the summer of 2002 >>> Go to


"Ageh ye joe shaans daashteem"
Alfred Doolittle's 'With a Little Bit of Luck '
From the Persian-dubbed My Fair Lady
Thanks to Siavash at

Music from his 1996 CD
"Khaab dar beedaari"

* Mard-e Tanha
* Najva
* Windmills of Your Mind
* Yesterday When I Was Young
* To raa doost daaram
* Kooch-e banafsheh-haa
* Khaab dar beedari
* Gonjeshgak (remake)
* Yesterday (Beatles song)

Thanks to Siamak Nanazi

Music from his greatest hits album:

"Hafteh-ye Khaakestari"

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