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Fereydoun Farrokhzad

Updated Septemkber 26, 2006


Video: Fereydoun Farrokhzad
sings "Ania" for his German wife

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Recordings from Farrokhzad's "Jomeh Baazaar"
show which aired on Radio Iran in the 1970s.
Thanks to Milad Esfandiari

* Dalghak (Ghassem Gholi)
* Vaghti Ke Az To Dooram (Haydeh)
* Galoobandak (Interview with Tehranis)
* Album (Neli)
* Aloonak (Mahsa)
* Bee To Hicham (Farrokhzad with Homeyra)
* Farrokhzad on new books of the day
* Gol Kard (Roohangiz)
* Tolooe Noor (Mehrdad Teimouri)


* Aavaazeh Khan
* Ania (video)
* Bahaar
* Boom bara boom BAM!
* Cheshm-e Toe
* Daro va nemikonam
* Dele Zaaram (with Armik)
* Ey Sharqi-ye Ghamgin
* Galoubandak (Radio interview 1977)
* Harf-e Man
* Koocheh
* Migorizi (with Sally, aka Maryam Jalili)
* Oomadi
* Oumadi (Duet with Ramesh)
* Shab Bood
* Shar-e Man

Purchase Farrokhzad CDs here

Thanks to Azam Nemati
& Milad Sfandiary

* "Dele Zaaram" is a Farrokhzad rarity recorded in Iran
circa 1982 with Armik on guitar. I had this on an
old cassette and just digitized it and enhanced
the sound quality a little using my studio gear.
The quality is still not that great but it's a
beautiful song with nice vocal harmonies by farokhzad.
I wish the original recording was available on CD.
anyway, check it out! -- Anoush Khazeni

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