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Thanks to Bahman
June 29, 2005

Review in After almost four years of postponing and challenges the authorities in Iran, Fereydoun's sophomore album “Gharibe” has been released. What authorities you might ask? Well the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance to be exact. Behind the entire project stands Behrooz Saffarian as the main composer along with his “Goroohe Tolidkonandegaan-e Herfeyi-e Pop-e Iran”, whose more recent success was with Shahkar’s “Eskenaas”. The contributing lyricists are Abdol Jabbar Kakaee, Seyyed farid Ahmadi, Raha Shayan, Matlab Tabrizi >>> More

Sample mp3s from "Gharibe" album

* Khaatereh
* Booy-e Seeb (with Dariush mixed in)
* Biaa Bereem
* Gol-e Hayaahoo
* DJ Mix
* Gharib-e

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