Compiled by Azam Nemati
December 6, 2002
The Iranian

In 1971 Firouzeh took the music scene by storm. She was an overnight sensation with her pretty smile and cheerful voice.

A rumor circulated that she was lucky because she was taken out of the famous Abadan brothel by the husband of another famous singer who owned a construction company in Abadan. The public did not seem to care and we all enjoyed her songs. In 1976 while having dinner at "Hotel Abadan" with my friends, she and that man came in (and I wondered about the rumor).

Her songs remind me of the good times.

The album's name: Doe Ashegh
Produced by: Manouchehr Bibayan
Caltex Records

* Ageh oon bood nemeezaasht
* Bahaareh
*Barfaa daareh aab meesheh
* Beeraaheh
* Cheh kassi?
* Didaar
* Doe aashegh
* Eid oomad
* Gol baaroon
* Lab khandeh
* Ou bargasht az safar
* Toe va man

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