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Abbas Ghaderi


Azam Nemati
Updated October 25, 2005

After nearly three decades, one of Iran's best Kooche Bazari singers has released a truly beautiful and heart warming new album "Saghaa Khooneh". I vividly remember the first time I heard "Saghakhooneh" was on my way to Rasht in summer of 1975. The new recoding is just as beautiful. The lyrics and the music are reminders of how uniquely beautiful this type of music truly is.

Ghaderi's voice is just as amazingly heartwarming as it was in his earlier days fo his career. I hope many music fans purchase his CD to encourage him to record more of the same. It is about time we heard a vocie and music we can all relate to and enjoy.Abbas Ghaderi was one of the most popular and well liked "Koocheh Baazzaari" singers of the 70s. The music is unique and the lyrics are quite beautiful. I happen to like his voice very much.

* Saghaa Khooneh
* Saret Sholoogheh
* Cheshm Abi
* Sarzadeh
* Migan Talaast
* Hamtaa
* Robabe Jaan Melodi


* Biyaa Biyaa
* Cheshm Abi
* Dehloo Khoshgeleh
* Dodeldar
* Hamtaa
* Khodaa Koneh Biyaaie
* Khosh Oomadi
* Maghroor
* Mahaaleh
* Migan Talaast
* Moaamaa
* Naaz-e Toh
* Nakaam
* Ragheeb
* Robabe Jaan Melodi
* Saghaa Khooneh
* Saret Sholoogheh
* Sarzadeh
* Sheitoon Balaa
* Shoogh-e Didan
* To Azize Mani
* Ziyaarat

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