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Updated November 16, 2005


* Zanbure Eshgh
Thanks to Milad Sfandiary


Azam Nemati writes: I very vividly remember being in 9th grade (high school in the 70s in Iran) when Gita became instantly famous with her song "Khaahesh Mikonam". Everywhere you went the song was playing. It became the favorite phrase for the high school boys to get our attention. As a girl would walk by, the boys would say "Alo!"

Gita has a very distinct and unique voice with a genuinely warm personality. I saw her perform at a cabaret called "Ghasr-e Shirin" in Tehran which many remember with its Iranian decor and the waiters who were dressed in Kurdish costumes. I am happy to have obtained the "Naameh Resoon" to share with the readers. It will bring back many fond memories.

Album: "Ketabe Eshgh"
Thanks to Azam Nemati

1. Toro Doost Daarom
2. Saraa Paa Havasee
3. Een Del
4. Ketaab-e Eshgh
5. Een Gham
6. Neenaash Naash
7. Areh Vaallaa
8. Oo Dareh
9. Ghargh-e Gonaah
10. Angoshtar-e Naamzadi
11. Oon Kee Bood?
12. Meeyaam Dar-e Khooneh


* (name?)
* Banafsheh
* Basseh Deegeh
* Begoo Bekhand
* Cheraa Ghoseh Cheraa Gham
* Cheshmam Toro Gerefteh
* Daash Akol
* Delbaakhteh
* Dokhtar-e Golforoosh
* Faal-e Hafez
* Fekr o Khiyaal
* Geryeh Che Faaideh Daareh?
* Ghaasedak
* Gole Ashegh
* Har Taraf Baad Miyaad
* Kenaare Ham Bemoonim
* Khodahafez
* Mageh Taghdireh Maneh
* Mard e Maast
* Naameh Resoon
* Pech Pech
* Saarebon
* Tangeh Delam
* Toto Doost Daarom
* Zanbure Eshgh

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