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Updated, June 14, 2005

The follwoing are rough mixes from
Haale's upcoming album.
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From Born in New York City, Haale weaves Persian melodies and Sufi-inspired lyrics through a soundscape of tribal beats, sci-fi sonic guitars, and a twanging setar. Drawing on her Persian and urban American roots, she brings audiences into the ecstatic and electric space where the two worlds meet. GLOBAL RHYTHM has already acknowledged her impact, naming her "One of 15 artists sure to make big waves in the future...This genre-bending seamstress will make you see stars while ascending to her own."

In the unique space that vocal talents such as the Cocteau Twins, Sigur Ros, and Manu Chao explore, Haale's vocal powers lie in a world without political and ethnic borders as she mixes languages while creating her own unique expression. Her music is epic: in a world between Zeppelin and Haydeeh, Radiohead, T-Rex, and Omme Kalsoum. "Haale summoned and harnessed some of the madness of a distant desert moon...her Sufi-inspired music with rapid staccato drums and her soaring voice singing the words of the ancient Persian poet Rumi called upon the ageless magic of the moon as the sun set and the winds rose from the West in approval..."

Haale has performed at such venues as Lincoln Center, Joe's Pub, Mercury Lounge, Levitt Pavilion, the Joshua Tree Music Festival, Temple Bar and the LA County Museum of Art.

She is currently in the studio working on her album with producer Dougie Bowne whose long line of collaborators include Cassandra Wilson, Laurie Anderson, and Iggy Pop and co-producer Joe Blaney who has produced and/or engineered for Prince, Keith Richards, and the Beastie Boys. The album will be ready in 2005.

'HAALE underscores the evolution and transformation of centuries-old art forms as they adapt to the new realities of a multiethnic city...' -- The New York Times

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