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Updated June 16, 2007


* Havaaset Baashe
* Pedar Khaandeh
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From "Jangale Asphalt" CD

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**** **** ****

September 14, 2003:

This is no-1 that is talkin to you... first of all I'd thank you for visiting my website... I'd like to thank my mom, dadd and my whole family for raising me up and teaching me great things, and specialy I'd like to thank you for listening to my songs and handling my bad voice and wack raps.

You know??... I'm no-one, sometimes ppl make a big mistake and call me nomber one... But this No-1 means no body...yea...I'm none in this big world...

Sometimes big words can come out from a little mouth... don't ever try to be like me,cuz you are better than got that power to make your life however you like...make your soul up with using your feelings and love...try to be the best,but don't try to be someone else...and remember, there is allways someone better than you... this is not a biography, cuz I ain't got any...

Oh...I forgot to say that I'm persian and I'm born in 1985/1364.

Your lover No-1
Peace for ever.
See Hich-Kas

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Thanks to Najmeh Novbakhtian for introducing No-1 :o)

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