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Updated March 3, 2006


* Homeyra sings for Mohammad Reza Shah
and Shahbanoo in their presennce
Thanks to Milad Sfandiary


Video: "Ham-zabonam Baash"
Thanks to Bahram 9821


Homeyra became an overnight sensation with "Sabram Ataa Kon" which was a collaboration with her husband, the legendary Parviz Yahaghi, in the early 1970s. She later changed her style and became a regular at Khorram Cabaret in Tehran and now performs often in Los Angeles. I bought her latest album "Mahtaab-e Eshgh" for the three songs about Iran which I found beautiful. The love songs are my kind of romantic songs as well. -- Azam Nemati

Album: "Mahtaab-e Eshgh"

* BiNiazi
* Lahze-ye Khodahafezi
* Pell-e Pell-e
* Mahtab-e Eshgh
* Aman az Dard-e Doori
* Del-e Ashegh

Album: "Khaabo Khiaal"

* Khaterat-e Shomal
* Shahr-o-Diyaar
* Rasm-e Zamooneh
* Jodaaee
* Gheble-ye Soojood
* Asheghtar az Hamisheh

Album: "Bahaar-e Zendegee"

* Bahaar-e Zendegi
* Beenahaayat
* Bee to Heecham
* Elaahi Bemeeree
* Ghaasedak
* Moghadass
* Too Del-e Man Gham Faraavooneh

Album: "Hedieh"

* Doore Doore
* Shabhaaye Kordestaan
* Man khoonamo meekhaam
* Didaare azizaan

A rare Homeyra song:

* Gozashtam

* *

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