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Azam Nemati
Updated April 27, 2006

I had liked this young artist's voice so much I had bought both his albums. However, recently, he attended one of our parties as a guest and I was very impressed at how professional, extremely polite and sweet this artist was. He graciously offered to send me his latest album -- "Faribaaneh" -- to listen to but I declined and asked for his website ( which I visited and loved the sample track I heard.

Thanks to for processing my order overnight, I was delighted that the package includes a DVD featuring 7 videos of songs from his three albums. I love al his lyrics and the third track "Tarke Ghorbat" is one of the most heartfelt and beautiful songs about Iran. I cried so hard I lost my voice for two days. The versatility of this artist's voice is evident in singing different styles of music and I sincerely hope one day he releases a complete album of Kurdish song as well as one featuring traditional songs which his voice can carry.

Album: Faribaaneh

* Aashti
* Sheikhaani (Kurdish)
* Baaroon
* Tarke Ghorbat
* Mikhaastamet
* Shenaakhtamet
* Hala Dige Deer Shodeh
* Miram
* Faribaneh


I caught the image of this singer for a few seconds and heard him singing a few lines on an Iranian TV. I loved his voice and when I heard the album I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful this young man's voice was . I was even more impressed at the quality of the music and lyrics. I found it refreshing that a singer from the new generation is serious about his music and has done a gear job in selecting the songs to reach across generation. I also was touched at his tribute to his mother and friends. He is my kind of artist who has talent, class and passion for his art. Great work.

Album: Khosh Amadee

Yara Yara
Khooneh Bandan
Khosh Amadee
Man Ashegham

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