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March 29, 2005

My music has some sapects of gushe from Mirza Abdolla radif , but it also has some melody influence from "Jimi Hendrix" radif [sample]. So I call it Arfo-Persian as not to offend traditional Persian ostads . I have great love and respect for the music and culture.

More songs are available here. Some have English, proken Persian language and have more Negro blues influence. The first Mahour improvisation is an attempt to play as style of music that was played in early Qajar Era. There are no recordings of it, but it used the skin of the Kamancheh, the loose horsetail on bow and light touch of fingers on the strings to create a fast harmonic bird song like resonance.

I emulate. the language and song of a bird rather that the radif notation. I understand why it may be chalangeing to listen to as western classical music has had much influence recently. But it is my tribute to pure Irani tribal spiritual communion music as my spirit feels. I will be posting new songs weekly at Once I find the right players that is an ostad on tar, tombak, daf, santur and a nice studio I will take charge and create my new vision.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently live in the San Fernando Valley, Califorina. One day I hope to study at a music school in Iran. >>> Larri's homepage

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