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Javad Lashgari

August 14, 2005

Master Lashgari was born on 1302 in Tehran. He learned music from masters like Abolhasan Saba and Mehdi Khaledi, after graduating from Darlfonon Academi in 1325. He started performing as a member of Radio Tehran Orchestra and in 1332, while he was only 30, he became the conductor until the 1979 revolution.

Lashgari composed more than 350 songs during his tenure, many of which are among the best in Iranian music: "Navaaye del", "Tanhaaii", "Fetneh" (Delkash), "Laleye Sahraii", "To bekhan", "Khandeye Gol", Zoraghe Shekasteh (Marzieh), "Chon Mooye To" (Pooran), Beyaade Sayyaad", "Roya", "Tak", "Dard Ashenaa", "Tooti", "Zolfe Yar" (Elaheh), "Yaade to va Golhaa", "Shohreye Shahr" (Parvin), "Khosh Amadi (Shams), "Fasle Gol" (Yasamin), "Gole Mikhak", "Raghse Parvaneh", "Chang-e Zohreh", "Tamannaye Del" (Simin Arayan), "Ghame Tanhaii", "Abre Paeez" (Simin Ghanem).

Master Lashgary also possesses the ability to sing Persian classical song in his own innovative style and has performed many songs with his warm and captivating voice. He also had many students who studied and learned music from him and became famous musician in their own right. We wish him continued health and prosperity and we are grateful for his contributions to the rich Persian music heritage.

* Beyaade Sayyaad
Singer: Elahe

Thanks to Amir Rasekhi Nezhad

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