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    Liån Ensemble

    The Iranian
    December 17, 1999

    Wadada Leo Smith writes Liån Ensemble's "Banquest in the tavern of Rumi" CD:

    "The quartet's music is tightly organized constructed melodic lines beautifully executed with attractive rythmical forms with a fine quality of interactive elements. Voice, poetry and instrumental display of a rich artistical imagination and creative skill..." For more information go to:

    From "Banquest in the tavern of Rumi" CD:

    * Zemestan (Akhavan Saless poem)
    Mahtab (Nima Yushij poem)
    Ya dooost (Rumi poem)

    From "The Name of The Beloved" CD:

    * The name of the beloved (excerpt)
    Just a dream
    * Talisman (excerpt)

    In RealAudio format. Get it here.

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