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Compiled by Azam Nemati
May 28, 2004

This beautiful Bakhtiari folk album "Dar Entezare Bahar" (Awaiting Spring), was given to me as a souvenir by a friend who also wants people to experience the joy of Iranianmusic and its diversity. Thanks to Dr. Meshginpoosh for converting the performances to CD exclusively for visitors. Enjoy.

Singer: Ghezelbash Bakhtiari
Solo players: Hassan Nahid and Mahyar Firoozbakht

- Jodaayee
- Donyaa
- Shale Ghova
- Mendiere Bahar

From "Eshghe Lor" CD
Vocalist: Nariman Fazel
Arranged by: Habib Mirzaei

* Alman Alman
* Shokofeh Bahaar
* Dayneh
* Golshirin
* Aziz to Bia
* Eshghe Lor
* Balal Tora Key

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