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Assadollah Malek

Compiled by Azam Nemati
Updated August 28, 2003
The Iranian

Album: "Geryeye Leili"

1. Geryehe Leili "Dashti"
2. Ghahar Mezraab Bayat e Esfahan
3. Chahaar Mezraab Shur
4. Chahaar Mezraab Segaah
5. Bayaat e Tork
6. Shur, Chahaar Mezrab Shur
7. Mokhaalef Segaah


Album: Barg-e Sabz
Collaborators: Mohammad Reza Shajarian,
Ahmad Ebadi, Assadollah Malek, Jahangir Malek
Poems: Sadi, Jami, Kamal Ismail

#308: Segaah


Album: "Shahre Ashoob", produced in Iran

* Moghadameye Avaaze Shoor
* Edaameye Avaaze Shoor
* Goosheye Razavi
* Edaameye Avaaze va Forood
* Chahaar Mezraab Baa Avaaz
* Moghadameye Dasti
* Moghadameye Abu Atta
* Chahaar Mezraab baa Vazn-e 6-8
* Goosheye Hejaaz
* Chahaar Mezraab

The tracks below are from "Taknavaazi Violin" by the late violinist Assadollah Malek with two tar masters Farhang Sharif and Jalil Shahnaz. Also featured are master Jahangir Malek on zarb, Reza Varzandeh on santoor and Mansour Nariman playing the oud.

* Shokoufeh (Dastgah Shour)
* Ghoncheh (Dastgah Shoushtari)
* Sokhane Del (Dastgah Abou Atta)
* Montazer (Bayat Turk)
* Kereshmeh (Segah)

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