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Murtuza "Bulbul" Mammadov


Fakhteh Luna Zamani
November 8, 2005

Bulbul (1897-1961), whose real name is Murtuza Mammadov. "Bulbul" means "nightingale," . He is closely associated with the role of "Koroglu" (Blind Man's Son, 1937).

When we were kids (as young as 4 or 5), my father would kind of make us to listen to him and most of Uzeyir Hajibeyov's musicals and operas. How ironic now I start my weekends with listening to bulbul and I am sure will be torturing my kids with this until they, like myself, learn to love his voice. once my sister and I were brave enough to plan to tape over his Koroqlou and Leyli and Majnun Opera tapes, thank God we didn't go through with our plan.

-- koroglu
-- Korogli (Conducted by Uzeyir Hacibeyev)
-- Almani Atdim Xarala
-- Ulduz
-- Sevgili
-- Sevdim
-- Sensiz

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