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Compiled by Azam Nemati
November 22, 2004

Maziar captured the heart of many with his beautiful voice in the late 1970s and then vanished from the music scene. The private artist re-emerged in 1979 by singing his most memorable song "Iran Iran" which made everyone feel the message in the song (Sattar later on sang a slightly modified version of the same song with the same name).

I was thrilled to find this album so the newer generation can hear his beautiful voice and the rest of us can take a trip down memory lane.

Album: Mahigeer

* Mahigeer
* Iran Iran
* Shaheed
* Salaar
* Mano Sham
* Malaamat
* Khasteh
* Meraj
* Harf Bezan
* Gole Gandom
* Ghorbat
* Ey Shokate Boodanam
* Zemzeme

* *

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