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Iraj Mehdian

Azam Nemati
August 22, 2006

Iraj Mehdian became an overnight sensation with his songs "Ghafele Del" and "Bejamalet Minazi"  about 35 years ago (I remember because I had just turned fifteen and that year we went to Ramsar camp grounds which was every teen-ager's dream place to go to. I have written about that experience "A Trip to Ramsar").

Mehdian did not produce any albums in the late 70s and his connection to the music was limited  performing at a small club in Tehran (that is where I last saw him in 1978). I loved his voice and to this day have not heard any artist's voice remotely resemble Mehdian's uniquely beautiful voice.

While searching for a different CD, I came across this album and was overjoyed. This album has 12 tracks but I have omitted a few because they are at the site with Abbas Ghaderi (that particular album features a few song by both artists).

Those of you who remember his songs will take a trip down memory lane, and the rest of you will enjoy hearing the must of a truly gifted singer of times gone by >>> More Mehdian

From "Dokhtaram" CD
* Harche Ghame Maale Mane
* Shoghe Parvaz
* Ey Khoda
* Dokhtaram

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