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Photo of Parviz Meshkatian

Parviz Meshkatian

September 1996

From "Pegah" (Dawn) album cover introduction, published by Kereshmeh Records (1996), Los Angeles, California.

Parviz Meshkatian was born in 1955 in Neishabour, northeastern Iran. He started his musical training at the age of six with his late father, Hassan. The late Meshkatian played the tar and the santur masterfully and was also familiar with the violin and the setar.

Meshkatian tours Europe and Asia and regularly performs in France, Germany, England, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark. In 1992 Meshkatian and the Aref Ensemble won the first prize of the Spirit of the earth Festival in England.

His collaboration with Mohammad Reza Shajarian in the past 15 years has produced some of the most beautiful recordings of Iranian contemporary classical music. While continuing his work as a composer and a researcher, Meshkatian is currently teaching music at Tehran University.


Here is a sample from the Pegah album performed with Meshkatian on santur, Nasser Farhangfar on tombak (in RealAudio format).

* Chaharmezrab Mokhalef

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