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Compiled by Azam Nemati
Updated September 13, 2003
The Iranian
Index of Moin songs

After Googoosh, the most listened to singer on is Moin. He is my very favorite whom I listen to everyday. I have compiled some of the songs I love very much from various albums for you to enjoy.

CD "Sobhet Bekheir Azizam"

* Sobhet Bekheir Azizam (Preamble)
* Sobhet Bekheir Azizam
* Termeh-o-Atlas
* Khodam Miaam Mibaramet
* Baavaram Kon
* Asheghtar Az Man Chekassi?
* Chegooneh Chegooneh
* Tanhaa Tareen Mard
* Paabepaaye Tou

I fell in love with his voice in 1977 when an Isfahani friend brought me a tape of a "local singer" . The songs were no original songs however, one which touched my heart was "Bahaaneh bass kon" and I made a bet that someday he would be very famous. Most people think he started by "Yeki raa doost meedaaram" but in fact right before the revolution he released a song by the name of "Vaghti keh to rafti" which he later included in his first album in the U.S. -- Azam Nemati

From "Lehzehaa", "Yeki Raa Doost Meedaaram",
"Namaaz", "Panjereh", "Moama"
"Ageh Daashtam Toro", "Naneh", "Sobhet Bekheir Azizam" and other CDs

* Asheghaaneh
* Ageh Daashtam Toro
* Asheghtar Az Man Chekassi?
* Baavaram Kon
* Baraaye Didaneh Toh
* Beh Toh Meeandisham
* Delam gerefteh
* Doaa
* Faramosham Nakon
* Ghasam Nakhor
* Ghasre Arezoohaa
* Goleh Setareh
* Gonaah
* Gozashteh
* Ham Ghassam
* Havas
* Heyraan
* Hichki Messle Toh Nabood
* Iran
* Khodam Miaam Mibaramet
* Koocheh
* Lahzehaa
* Mahze Rezaaye Khodaa
* Moamaa
* Naaji
* Namaaz
* Naneh
* Panjereh
* Paricheh
* Peeaaleh
* Saayeh
* Shabaye Raftane Toh
* Sobhet Bekheir Azizam (Preamble)
* Sobhet Bekheir Azizam
* Tanhaa Tareen Mard
* Termeh-o-Atlas
* Vaghti Neestee
* Yaade Toh
* Yeki raa doost meedaaram
* Zaalem
* Zendegi

Thanks also to Sussan Tahmasebi

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