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Updated May 16, 2006


* Bar Labe Cheshmeh

Thanks to Milad Esfandiary


* Masti Konam Bahaaneh
* Che Shabi Che Mahi
* Naz o Kereshmeh
* Do Rangi
* Ramideh Del
* Ghoghaaye Tarab

Thanks to Milad Esfandiary


* Ney Bezan Choopan
* Gorizaan


* Cheshm o delam roshan
* Az Del Maro
* Ahde Ashenaaee
* Mastam o Khabam Kon
* Havaadaa
* Atashpaareh
* Ey Eshghat Arezoye Maa
* Sardar Garibaan
* Raftam (1940s, poor quality)
Thanks to Milad Sfandiary


About two years ago an Iranian professor challenged to post songs by Parvin. He went so far as betting that most people did not know who she was. So he offered a book for anyone who could post her music. I had no doubt that many people like me remembered the beautiful voice and memorable songs but had no access to her albums. I posted the various songs I had and vowed to find the album to prove the professor wrong. Well, I did it. This album features Parvin's memorable songs so her fans can enjoy them as well. Professor you should be careful the next time you challenge an Iranian! -- Azam Nemati

Album: "Del-e Ghaafel"

* Emshab dar sar shouri daaram
* Del-e ghaafel
* Tamanaa
* Saaghi
* Tanhaa shodam
* Mohabat
* Azaadeam man
* Pareeshaan
* Shab-e jodaaee
* Bargh-e negaah
* Negaraan

Golhaaye Rangaarang #503
Dastgahe Shour
Singers: Ghavami, Parvin and Mahmoudi Khansari
Music: Yahaghi, Jalile Shahnaz, Homayoun Khorram,
Farhange Sharif, Jahangir Malek
Melody Javad Maroufi
Poems: Pejman Bakhtiary, Ahli Shirazi and Helali Joghataie

* Track 1
* Track 2
* Track 3
* Track 4
* Track 5
* Track 6

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