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Prynce P

Updated June 22, 2007

The Farsi rap is done by this group named LTIK, the English rap is done by yours truly and the singing is done by Kouroush aka Kou who has an amazing voice:

* They'll Know


* Workem Back
* Unforgettble Ni8
* This What You Want
* Star Crossed
* Lets Get It On
* Where Tha Blind Can See
* Body Move
* Crushed Dreamz
* Live & Fresh
* My Life

Founded in 2001 by featured artist and CEO Prynce P, Pohectic Life Records is a Dallas TX independent hip hop label. Consisting of 6 artists ranging from vocal hip hop to production, Prynce P, CO2, Charmz, Crunkie, Sha Meezy & Antimeini combine dynamic sounds and skillz of old-school hip hop with the new school twist.

Their upcoming album entitled [Pohectic-The 2nd Chapter] is due to be released August of 2006.  They have been working three solid years on this compilation and have recently collaborated with two of the biggest Dallas rappers to ever come out of their town to drop two 16 bar verses [Mr. Pookie and Lucci of Crawl 2 Ball Records] who just signed a deal with Universal.

They have also collaborated with Nutt-So of 2 Pac’s Outlaws, HeadKrack who is the host of the #1 hip-hop radio station in Dallas (97.9 the beat), two Houston legends who have and are working with Lil Flip, the late DJ Screw, Geto Boys, Z-Ro and many more [K-Rino & Point Blank of South Park Coalition] and one of the best underground singers named Kou.  T

hey have also featured T-Rawn, Pain & Latti of Dino Mob Records, DJ KB, DJ Tarp, DJ Dimorphic, Jouking, Wickedest One, J-Sha of Breakdown Entertainment, Woody for Freezer Aisle Productions, Misty Blue, M.McCoy and many more talented artists.  Each artist has been working very hard on this project hoping to bring you some of the finest that hip hop has to offer. 

For updates, keep it locked on and for all you my space junkies, you can also find them at

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