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DJ Raminem


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February 3, 2006

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* Urmia Shahre Ziba

Ramin Nojavan Asghari a.k.a. R.N.A. or Dj Raminem is a native of Urmia Iran. He was born on Aug 2, 1968. He attended his primary school at, Logan Utah U.S.A. He was there on his father’s doctorate studies. He returned to his country in 1978. Having finished his high school he joined the military services. He traveled to Japan, along with his family in 1990. He studied for two years at a private Japanese Language college in Sendai-Japan. Earning a living there made him a real man. Being there, he took the opportunities and traveled to many nearby East Asian countries on tours. He returned to Iran in 1996. He got his B.A. in English Language and Literature from Urmia Univ. Iran in 2003. R.N.A. Is a very out going person and loves drinking black coffee. He is also a qualified music composer and tracker. He loves to DJ too >>> See

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