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Rana Mansour


October 19, 2005

MPs tracks

* I don't See You
* Somebody With You
* Taneh Tow
* Kohandee Yarah

Born November 16, 1981, 23 year old singer/songwriter Rana commenced her piano instruction at the age of six.  Classically trained until she was fourteen, Rana yearned to explore other genres.  Initially sparked by jazz, Rana developed a passion for R&B and pop/rock.  At fifteen, she unearthed a passion for singing.  For the next several years she sought extensive vocal training from an eclectic group of tutors, and started experimenting with songwriting on her upright piano at home >>> Visit Rana's homepage

Rana entered Berklee College of Music as a scholarship student and enrolled as a Contemporary Writing and Production major.  At Berklee, she gained a thorough knowledge of recording through countless hours of experience in their studios.  Rana fronts a band with whom she regularly rehearses and performs live original material.  She has also earned many awards in songwriting and vocal competitions in Boston and Washington D.C.

Before entering and while attending Berklee, Rana has aggressively promoted herself and her band booking shows and wowing audiences at such notable venues as Grille 88 and Staccato in Adam’s Morgan, The Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C., Zig’s Bar and Grille and Jammin’ Java in Alexandria, Virginia, at The Bitter End of Greenwich Village and the Underscore in New York City, Bill’s Bar and Harper’s Ferry of Boston, Massachusetts, and more. 

In April of 2005, Rana recently completed a two-week tour in Oslo, Norway performing at some of Norway’s finest venues such as the prestigious Alex Sushi and also spent many hours in the studio writing and recording new material with some of the world’s finest artists.  In Oslo, she was exposed to many opportunities, some of which she plans to expand in the near future.

Rana has an insatiable desire to succeed and is the consummate professional; as a result she has lofty expectations and is unyielding in the development of her art.  Her lyrics drip with passion, and she intices the audience to swallow her emotion as she surrenders up her soul.  She has the artsy craft of Sarah McLachlan, the emotion and soul of Fiona Apple and Alicia Keys, and the commercial appeal of Sheryl Crow.

Rana is very spirited and extremely determined, and she shall continue to strive toward her ultimate goal, whether it is via a cult following or with international recognition, to touch people, to move people, to inspire people >>> Visit Rana's homepage

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